Rational is Overrated!

The future belongs to the bold. There is no industry, job or career that will be untouched by technology and the pace of change in the next decade. There has never been a better time to innovate both as leaders and as organizations! 

I am on a mission to help business owners and leaders innovate, adapt and uncover opportunities to become more competitive in a digital economy. 

As an entrepreneur and marketer with over 20 years of experience, I also LOVE to work with startup founders to master their go-to-market plans. 

Let's work together! 


"One of the most empowering business women of 2021" 

CIO Views

"The most influential woman in digital transformation consulting 2020"

Acquisition International


I am dedicated to creating a movement of leaders and organizations that are fit for the future and the humans they serve!

For over two decades I have worked at the intersection of business, technology and marketing. I believe we need a new breed of leaders with bold mindsets and fearless vision that can thrive in the next decade of disruption. 

I've led marketing and digital teams in various industries including an NHL hockey club, have acted as a Chief Marketing Officer and am an advisor with several incubators helping startups with their Go-to-Market Strategy. In 2018, I launched Differly to help organizations adapt to the pace and drivers of change. The team is comprised of senior advisors and practitioners dedicated to helping leaders develop human-centred, technology-enabled strategic plans. We firmly believe that technology doesn't disrupt, people do!