The Pitfall of Results: How to know when the journey itself outweighs the outcomes.

leadership operations Jun 11, 2021

The desire for results is deeply ingrained in well-established strategic planning methodologies. What gets measured gets done; set your rocks; review quarterly goals and outcomes. The pitfall of this hyper-focus on results is that the process of doing and learning as the outcome can get lost.

Many industries and organizations face an urgent need to rethink how they create and deliver value in a digital economy. Articulating any major strategy shift is the first big hurdle. Still, anyone involved in bringing that strategy to life knows the biggest challenge by far is the process of continual implementation. So, what happens when your organization requires not only a significant shift in its strategy but also a significant shift in the way it executes that strategy?

In other words, the organization can be adept at identifying where it can “win” but will often fail at understanding the organizational barriers that will need to be broken to make that strategy a reality.

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