Like a punch in the face

leadership mindset Jun 28, 2021

Like a punch in the face. 

That’s what the pandemic has felt like at times yes? And I would know. I’ve been punched in the face. 

I used to be a boxer (first kick-boxing, then boxing for more than a decade).  As things start to re-open, I feel like we have ducked another punch (for now).  

I also turned another corner on Friday - After two consecutive terms, it was my last day as a Director on the Board of Boxing Canada.  Amateur boxing has so many things to offer people of all ages. The sport has taught me many valuable lessons that I have carried with me into my professional career.  In looking back, I sum it up into these top seven: 

  1. Fight your fight.  The real competition is yourself. Aim to be better than you were yesterday.  Be aware and adapt to external forces but always follow your own game plan.   
  2. It’s ok to lick your wounds after a defeat. There is no shame in failure. Review the tale of...
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What I've learned from 10 years worth of journals

leadership mindset Jan 22, 2021

I have 10 years worth of journals and it's been one of my most precious business and personal assets.  

I think success is largely a game in self-awareness. That's why I’m religious about my morning routine and have been for years.  Up at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. allowing me precious alone time to meditate, visualize, set my intentions for the day/week and practice gratitude. 

This is when I do most of my reading, which often leads to a stream of consciousness writing and reflection.  I’ve kept those journals because I love to look back, assess my growth and see how my intentions/goals at the time have played out.  

I was flipping through them this week and found 8 recurring themes, largely about success,  leadership and mindset that are true for me and thought I'd share with my community:

1. Ditch the “balance” for a Dashboard:  

Work, kids, family, relationships, health… Everything in perfect...

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