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Isabelle is a bilingual, high-energy, engaging speaker who seeks to educate AND entertain. Whether you need a workshop, a webinar or seeking an expert for a media interview,  Isabelle always customizes for the audience in question. She aims to inspire while giving practical, actionable insight. 

"One of the most empowering business women of 2021" 

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"The most influential woman in digital transformation consulting 2020"

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Check out the topics below or get in touch to customize a session.

  1. Future Forward Leaders. The top five leadership skills critical to lead in the next decade of disruption
  2. Future-Proofing your Career. Starting “at the bottom” and “working your way up” is built on the industrial, hierarchical world of the past. Let’s replace, “What do you want to be?” with WHO do you want to become.
  3. Beyond Likes. Building loyalty in a connected economy.
  4. Who's it for and what's it for? Mastering Go-to-Market. For startup founders and incubators. Let's tackle the main reason most small businesses fail in the first 7 years: Poor product-Marketing fit.
  5. Iterate, Innovate, Disrupt. Cutting through the jargon to the heart of why this matters to your business.
  6. Just Start. The Power of the First Step.  We don’t succeed because we’re ready, or because all of our ducks are in a row. Success comes when we start. 

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