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Isabelle is a high energy, engaging speaker who seeks to educate AND entertain. Whether you need a workshop, training session or webinar, Isabelle always customizes for the audience in question. Every presentation is crafted to inspire while giving actionable advice.

Choose from popular topics below or get in touch to customize a session. Isabelle is also available to speak to smaller teams and executives in jump-start or accelerator sessions.

Built to Last in the Digital Economy

Are traditional ways of working, leading and making decisions holding you back? In this engaging yet highly practical presentation for senior leaders, we’ll explore how every organization must adopt a present-forward as well as a future-back planning cycle and how to decide what to tackle first.

Beyond likes. Building Loyalty in a Connected Economy

Is your organization thriving in the age of the connected consumer or simply surviving? In this session, we’ll explore customer behavior in the digital age, discuss digital business models and more importantly how to cultivate raving fans.

Rational is Overrated

The technologies and companies that will dominate our life in 20 years have not yet been invented. Markets are being disrupted and industries are in transformation. Yet we must remember that organizations don't disrupt, people do. More than ever we need to be comfortable with the unknown, able to face our fears, have a clear vision yet flexible on the ways to get there. History has proven that nothing great comes from the status quo.

Mastering Go-to-Market

What is your target market and what does an ideal customer look like? Who is the buyer? How will you connect with your prospects and gain early traction? The answer to these vital questions define your go-to-market strategy, bringing together all of the key elements that drive your business: sales, marketing, brand and positioning.

Let's review the go-to-market principles that are critical to building business success whether you are a startup or a more mature company looking to enter a new market or launch a new product.


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